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In 2007 Waihi East School celebrated 100 Years of teaching and learning. We are a proud, well established school that reflects the needs of our ever evolving community. Students come from a variety of backgrounds and they enjoy the family atmosphere our school offers. We pride ourselves on developing self worth and success – academically, through sports, and through the arts.

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Term 4 Principal's Awards

Term 4 Principal's Awards

Caring-Manaakitanga Raymi S, Greta S, Alesha R, Celeste R, Mackade J, Rhy-Lee S, Willow H, Bella A, Isaac H. Responsibility-Tutika Lorqueta T, Mahe N, Johnston C, Anna R, Lachlan S-H, Tahlia B, Bentley P, Noah M, Bella A, Ruby A, [...]

Term 3 2018 (week 10)Principal's Awards

Term 3 2018 (week 10)Principal's Awards

Principal’s Awards were awarded last term. Manaakitanga/Caring: Sarah G, Alex E-J, Jake P, Jake N, Bella N, Henry O, Amelia W, Peyton K-P. Whakarangatiratanga/Respect: Mikayla C-G, Charlie A, Blake Si, Emily W, Olivia P, Josiah M, Scarlett H-T, Patrick P. [...]

Term 3 2018(week 5) Principal's Awards

Term 3 2018(week 5) Principal's Awards

Principal’s Awards Awarded Last Week. Caring: Dale B, Aaliyah H, Isabelle C, Rylee K, Hunter P, Manaaki P, Raina R. Respect: Grady J, Aaliyah T, Ata K, Ben P, Koby L, Coda H, Hale N. Responsible: Aaliyah T, Ata K, [...]


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